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  1. Off Topic little funny announcemnet/adverist
  2. EXA / NX related Happy birthday GPexa
  3. Jokes Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson go camping.......jk...
  4. Jokes Hunters in the Woods...............jk..........
  5. Jokes Each Countries best Joke..........jk..........
  6. Jokes Blonde
  7. Jokes Irish guide to medical terms
  8. EXA / NX related Nissan Wrekers in Sydney... where?
  9. Off Topic Anyone here an electrician ?
  10. Jokes Funny email, no doubt already seen!
  11. Jokes Two friends make a hit..! best joke ever...!
  12. Jokes Confusious Say;............................
  13. Off Topic Extra Sensory Perception, Plausible?!
  14. Off Topic For Sale... Real Life Dolphin......... New Zealand
  15. Off Topic Question for mods
  16. Jokes How to speak like a kiwi
  17. EXA / NX related Blood
  18. Jokes Not a good phrase....
  19. Off Topic Half Life 2/ Counter Strike
  20. EXA / NX related ha ha ha ha what the
  21. Off Topic Revetec Engine
  22. EXA / NX related highest rpm uve got ur stock DE up to?
  23. EXA / NX related Need a Respray BUT WHERE???
  24. Jokes Little Johnny's ABC's
  25. EXA / NX related Smashed EXA's
  26. EXA / NX related Warning Stateside
  27. EXA / NX related trim for usa
  28. EXA / NX related possible fist exa / pulsar nx?
  29. EXA / NX related Damn good fuel
  30. EXA / NX related WIKED IDEA! read me!
  31. EXA / NX related car got SMASSSHEEDD!!! damit
  32. EXA / NX related Loan Approved Woohoo
  33. Off Topic my step dad is now the manger for Farrari/Massarati in Sydney
  34. Off Topic Awesome fun game (good time killer)
  35. EXA / NX related Electric motors
  36. EXA / NX related GTR strike back
  37. EXA / NX related nice bodykit
  38. Off Topic New Buzz Word "JDM" WTF does it mean?
  39. Jokes Proud to be Australian
  40. Jokes 'Man of the House'
  41. EXA / NX related Ever been whacked in the face with a...?
  42. EXA / NX related Dammit, new 2.1L Lancers
  43. Off Topic Handy information re Telstra Directory Assistance
  44. EXA / NX related RE: head count for Nissanexa.com nxcoupe.com Lanyards
  45. Off Topic honda vs nissan logo
  46. Off Topic Who will win
  47. EXA / NX related car forum for younger guys>
  48. Jokes My funny sayings...
  49. EXA / NX related Rice Reaches New Lows...
  50. Jokes Are my Testicles Back.......?..........jk.......
  51. Jokes Moving to Sydney..............................jk..........
  52. Off Topic EXA in Readers Digest
  53. Jokes Blonde chick asking 4 trouble!
  54. Music Favourite Verses/Lyrics
  55. Off Topic free mobile credit!!
  56. Off Topic Anyone got "links" in spraypaint bisso?
  57. EXA / NX related It's Alive!!!!
  58. Off Topic Kittens in a bottel! WTF!
  59. EXA / NX related grrr
  60. Off Topic Bitching About Apple (I-Pod, not Fruit, I Like the Fruit Very Much.)
  61. EXA / NX related my terrible day :-(
  62. Music Fat Boy Slim- NYE 31.12.05
  63. EXA / NX related boosted NX sighting in Tulsa, OK
  64. EXA / NX related CHeck THis Out
  65. Music Big Day Out
  66. Off Topic FOR SALE: Time Machine (NZ)
  67. EXA / NX related Speedy wheels.. what do you think??
  68. EXA / NX related Ok, Time for me to fess up... :(
  69. EXA / NX related Rear Wheel Spinning Out
  70. EXA / NX related Free photo hosting (with no limits)
  71. Jokes Welfare Office Joke...........
  72. Jokes What ever happens I still love you
  73. Off Topic How to 'Plug up your Radiator.......
  74. Jokes these comics rock (56K warn)
  75. Off Topic green song = movie
  76. Jokes Man and Woman go Golfing.....jk
  77. EXA / NX related Manual Conversion
  78. EXA / NX related cruze to QLD from NEWY
  79. Off Topic It's nearly lunchtime.....
  80. EXA / NX related NX vs new MX5
  81. Off Topic leather pants on ebay - lol
  82. EXA / NX related PulsarNX site is finally opening
  83. EXA / NX related Clutch
  84. Off Topic Advice for Costume?!?!
  85. Jokes Dangers of Sex for the Elderly..........jk..
  86. Off Topic New TV Show - BRAINIAC
  87. Off Topic Disclaimers...
  88. Off Topic Suggestions
  89. Off Topic mobile phone mp3s
  90. Off Topic do u think velocity red is good
  91. Off Topic Marijuana May Grow Neurons in the Brain
  92. EXA / NX related why did you buy your nissan exa or why are you so interested
  93. Off Topic Official B'day Thread!!
  94. Off Topic boost gauge question help please
  95. EXA / NX related blue slippin
  96. Music Old school hip hop
  97. Jokes A kiwi has an affair..............jk...
  98. EXA / NX related Where it all began....
  99. EXA / NX related Dropped my targa :(
  100. EXA / NX related A fun modification
  101. EXA / NX related Our smashed RX8:(
  102. Jokes Psychologically Speaking..........jk...........
  103. Jokes A Work Place Joke..........
  104. Jokes funny sh*t but OFFENSIVE - BE WARNED
  105. EXA / NX related wheel offset
  106. Off Topic new police trap saving money!!
  107. Off Topic My signature pic too big?
  108. EXA / NX related For those who havent yet seen the next GTR...
  109. EXA / NX related Restore this EXA, or get another one...
  110. EXA / NX related oops
  111. EXA / NX related Hey, yous probably wont belive me but...
  112. Off Topic Want a Tshirt? Go to Hell
  113. EXA / NX related wat wheelz have u got on ur exa n why did u get them
  114. Music Iron Maiden
  115. EXA / NX related WRX crash
  116. Off Topic difference between n14 SSS and N14 SSS JAP SPEC?
  117. Music Roadrunner United Cd
  118. EXA / NX related new member
  119. Off Topic new Australian FWD Forum
  120. Off Topic picture of yourself (Warning: May offend some members due to raunchy pics)
  121. Jokes Making Love To Your Car
  122. EXA / NX related My alarm thats what's new/ alarm wiring help thread
  123. Off Topic Wats ur Fav movies??
  124. Off Topic My dog died
  125. Jokes Picture of Hurricane Wilma........
  126. Off Topic Torrent Bit
  127. EXA / NX related Looking for a tie bar
  128. Off Topic forget bonzai kittens.... NWS
  129. Off Topic Idiots and forums
  130. EXA / NX related CA18 - SR20 - whats next?
  131. Off Topic What movies freaked the S##T out of u?
  132. EXA / NX related Unknown wiring nightmare
  133. Jokes The Dentist.........................another jk from Ben..........
  134. Jokes Woman Chokes on Country Steak..........jk
  135. Jokes Ernest the Engine
  136. EXA / NX related Ok.... Now I need some fenders
  137. Jokes A Moral Question.......needs a honest answer....
  138. Jokes Free Drinks
  139. Off Topic Easiest way to shrink photo size (but keep size)
  140. Off Topic Darn Computer sprung a Leak...! my extreme water cooling thread...(dial up warning)
  141. Off Topic Always Read what you bid on for eBay..!!! this guy got stung..!
  142. Off Topic Acupuncture for Automobiles.... road rage pics..AHHAAHHA
  143. Jokes Interesting Facts
  144. Jokes Womens Bum Study
  145. Off Topic heybingo
  146. EXA / NX related Yellow Exa Rare Edition
  147. Off Topic 17 inch Rims Q
  148. Off Topic Jessica Alba Nude..
  149. EXA / NX related Happy Birthday Hairball
  150. Off Topic Industrial Reforms
  151. Off Topic what would it take to move to australia?
  152. Off Topic HELP need pics of N13 CA16DE
  153. Jokes Be carefull when naming your company website.......
  154. EXA / NX related kissed the gutter badly - poor front mag
  155. Off Topic uploading pics help
  156. EXA / NX related ooooh... if you love rotors, this will make you cry.
  157. EXA / NX related Car alarms??
  158. Jokes Train Trip
  159. Jokes One United States Marine
  160. Jokes jokies
  161. EXA / NX related Nissan NX
  162. Off Topic I have become a "Post Whore"
  163. EXA / NX related Where are we all...
  164. EXA / NX related number plates RIPPED OFF + Bottle thrown at car
  165. EXA / NX related lownx in current hot4s!
  166. Jokes Post up funny videos here!
  167. EXA / NX related Exa in White Trash
  168. EXA / NX related seats
  169. Off Topic Adjusting the clocks...
  170. Off Topic will they take me too court? (gambling)
  171. EXA / NX related EOI: NXR auto
  172. Off Topic I Need A Lancer Front Bar Help Please
  173. Off Topic Wildboyz
  174. Off Topic Is my car going to be stolen?
  175. EXA / NX related Great Tip for all
  176. Off Topic help
  177. EXA / NX related Gas stains of the driveway
  178. EXA / NX related ...and thats the end of my N12 hatch
  179. EXA / NX related Forum scams.com.. seen this around.. what do people think.
  180. EXA / NX related Fee (NXoholic gurl) likes Pinball?
  181. EXA / NX related exa.com
  182. Off Topic EA Competition :)
  183. EXA / NX related EOI: N13 Altezza Parker Lights!!!
  184. EXA / NX related Ferrari Impounded under hoon laws..
  185. Off Topic Contiki tour anyone??
  186. EXA / NX related Carbon Fiber Bonnet!!!
  187. Off Topic Tard-Blog
  188. Jokes hahah.. another embarising video..!!!
  189. Jokes Ordering pizza in 2010
  190. EXA / NX related drives like a new car :)
  191. Off Topic Attention Ben Hewitson
  192. Jokes A Jewish Parrot.............................jk.....
  193. EXA / NX related Freakin alignments
  194. Off Topic Vigil Insurance
  195. Jokes Letter Of The Year
  196. Jokes Tucker Max.... very very funny story
  197. Jokes A classic fairy tail joke....what women really want....
  198. Off Topic need funny gifs
  199. Off Topic From the stupid but true department..
  200. Off Topic Online store latest news
  201. EXA / NX related Wanting info on GTi-R front sway bar
  202. Off Topic One Lawsuit Coming Up
  203. Off Topic Courier Business prospect - Opinions greatly appreciated
  204. Jokes he said boobies,,, heheh BRICK GET BACK OVER HERE
  205. EXA / NX related Update on Hearbreaker
  206. EXA / NX related what should the color be for my ride
  207. Off Topic Who had a good night?
  208. EXA / NX related renewedimport.com <- anyone ever deal with these guys?
  209. EXA / NX related HOT4s NX Coupe - 10WNX
  210. EXA / NX related current exa value
  211. Off Topic Beer + heavy metal = good
  212. Jokes (oldie but a goodie) Sensitive and Understanding in Marrige...........jk..
  213. Off Topic Move Daisy around with your mouse....
  214. Jokes A man kills a deer.................jk...........
  215. Jokes Doctor Bob had sex with one of his patients........jk....
  216. Off Topic Initial D Anonymous
  217. EXA / NX related imported nxr
  218. Off Topic look what im gonna buy this week! :)
  219. Off Topic Audi R8 hillclimb- AWESOME VID
  220. EXA / NX related Is the Pulsar the "Japanese Corvette?"
  221. Off Topic Solex locks help
  222. Jokes iPod Africa Launched.........features user battery replacement..
  223. Off Topic Caution with H4 pattern Xenon Globes.
  224. EXA / NX related The End...
  225. Jokes Oil shortages in Australia..........jk...
  226. EXA / NX related Is it me?
  227. Off Topic only on VolvoSpeed.......(classic!!!)
  228. EXA / NX related illegal U-turn....
  229. Jokes Pics hehe LOL
  230. Off Topic NEVER GO TO Diahard forum!
  231. Jokes Men are from Mars, Women are from...well.. who knows..?.....jk....
  232. Jokes You've Got Male!!!
  233. EXA / NX related SirNX featured in Autospeed!
  234. EXA / NX related Pissed Off
  235. EXA / NX related got my L's
  236. Jokes Worst joke ever....................................
  237. Jokes So your having a dinner party when...............jk
  238. Jokes It has been scientifically proven....Water = Sh*t...jk
  239. Jokes Why We Like The British - FROM BRITISH NEWSPAPERS.......
  240. Jokes Carefull what you CC to multiple people in emails.. this is sooo funny..!!!
  241. EXA / NX related Whiteline is making me a sway bar :-D
  242. Jokes A Lesson for the Guys
  243. Jokes hasnt happend since 1979
  244. Off Topic how much is au$1 in japan?
  245. Jokes If Microsoft made cars.....oldie......jk
  246. EXA / NX related CV Joints help plz
  247. Jokes best comeback line
  248. Jokes Nun's trip to Europe
  249. EXA / NX related Central locking has a mind of its own
  250. Off Topic think you've got skills?