View Full Version : How's everyone doing?

26th March 2003, 03:06 AM
How you all doing?

My exa is on it's death bed, as most people here would know, just wondering how you guys are comming along. Not much movement in here or at n12turbo.

Although i did hit a milestone just today! 300kms before the half tank!!! I'm so wrapt! Was talking to vinh the other day he was telling me he normally gets 600kms from one tank. The only time i've done that was when my turbo was knackerd and had to drive to see our man sam to fix her all up.

A few of my mates' mate's exa's have been all but sold. One fetching $6000! Everyone else seems to have abandoned their little n12s. Except one, vinh, who has a big budget for his hunk of junk. So if you're reading this vinh, you're wasting you time and money!

Anyway cheers to you all and best of luck breaking the 14s lol! i'm abit pesemistic when it comes to exas, poured a decent amount of money into it and it's all wasted or stolen. The little bugger attracted 3 break-ins since the world cup final.

anyone broken into 13s? or 100kws?

well that's the end of my rambling for today.

26th March 2003, 09:55 AM
sad to hear :( how ar eyou anyways? Whats your next car going to be? Or can I remember you saying you bought a rotor? There are a few of us starting to get serious power outta the little e15et's and some good numbers at the track are only weeks away. What can I say - keep it real rough in hte body and it wont attract to much attention, Worked for me so far, (touching wood) and hope it continues to work!

26th March 2003, 06:18 PM

As i've said in a couple other posts, car is temp. out of action, but i could safely say i've broken into the 100kw area.. 110-115 :D

And with this shit worked out, i'll only be lookin to increase it! I aint ditching my car any time soon!

Dan :afro: