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6th April 2003, 01:18 PM
Hey i saw twisted on late wednesday afternoon on south st on my way back from uni. Drove side by side wit him and Yep his still in his exa!
And on saturday afternoon I think around 3.00pm in a bus from morley (no. 60) I think I saw Oliver overtaking us while the bus is stopping, it was before a roundabout I notice his loud exhaust and the really shiney exa club sticker on his rear window. Was that u oliver?
Yea so thats like 2 exaclub member in 1 week. Small world isn't it.

ight guyz happy cruizen! :trippa:

6th April 2003, 03:20 PM
Yeah woulda been me, he he he. I can't remeber saturday, I think I was on my way to Subiaco. lol, yeah im the only one with the exaclub sticker.

EXALR8 make sure you cruise next month with us.

Someone get in contact with Twisted and tell him.