View Full Version : Ga16de Headers

13th January 2003, 06:56 PM
As you all know I have the slow Xe model with the Ga16i 12 valve engine....this is a very similar engine to Ga16de. It's a rumor that the headers from a ga16de will bolt to a ga16i with some new drilled holes on my part. Has anyone actually done this or know if it will work...I have the money right now to buy the hotshot headers so I need to know!!!!!

14th January 2003, 10:00 PM
Hey Lowrida, I have a header for the GA16de which I will be trying to install in my GA16i Pulsar when the weather gets a little better. The headers I bought was made by Pacesetter. I wanted to get the Hotshot Header but it is to pricey. It might be expensive but it is the best header out there for the GA16DE's.. I let you know the result when Iam done with mine. Hey another interchangeable part from the GA16DE is the Unorthodox Racing Crankshaft Pulley. Probably not going to add a lot of HP but anything helps.

15th January 2003, 04:32 PM
yeah I looked at the pacesetter ones but they didnt say what engine so I thought hotshot was the only one....if I can get some cheap pacesetters I'm all for it, dont really wanna pay 300 bucks :) I'll wait till you try it and then I think I will go ahead on that...thanks!