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3rd August 2003, 02:30 PM
I've been looking at a lot of pics on n12turbo.com to get ideas of what I want to do with the body of my car and I realized that most of the cars that I've seen, the rear end looks slightly higher than the front(like 1/2in) My car does not have this difference and I was wondering if there were and variations of body style or anything else between the years the N12 was in production.

4th August 2003, 02:44 PM
because the cars are so old theres a lot of variation in suspension height, the ones with higher rears could just be the weight of the engine over time has sagged the front springs a tiny bit, the front is significantly heavier than the rear in the exa, tahst why its described as a lead tipped arrow by some :moonsmili

the body was kept the same with minor differences in cosmetics (here in AUS anyway).

as for ride height, some new springs will fix that up anyway.

on a side note when i had my car slammed on 16's the rears were level with the top of the rim (entire tyre up inside the guard) whereas the front guard was over the tyre by over an inch and the car sat level!!!!

5th August 2003, 01:20 AM
Yeah i noticed that today with my stock 13s on there...the height from the wheel is different but the height from car to ground is the same. Pretty weird...anywho...thanks for the info buddy....im gonna see about stuffin some 16s or 17s on my ride one the project is done.