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31st May 2009, 08:56 PM
Okay here's what happened.
Fuel pump died about 2 months ago and car would crank but not start, obviously.
Replaced pump, primed it up and tried to start.
Wouldn't start as battery had died. No problem, had a spare charged battery, so run some jumper leads from the charged battery onto the battery in the car and boom, she started straight away.
Let her run for about 5 minutes then backed it down the driveway.
Note: my thermos had previously had a bypass switch installed as they where not switching on automatically previously.
After backing down the driveway I flicked the thermo's override switch and the car choked and died.
Now my lights work, interior light works, Hazard lights work, main dash lights work. But nothing else. I turn the key in the ignition and i don't even get the warning lamps on the dash light up, my indicators don't work when i flick them on the stalk, wipers don't work, Nothing it's like somebody has pulled the battery out except for the lights working.
I have checked all the fuses in the fusebox next to the drivers knee and they are all fine.
It's like there is a blown fuse somewhere, like a main fuse, but i can't find them and not sure what else it could be.

Please Help!!!!!!

31st May 2009, 11:35 PM
under the bonnet by the batter, there are more fuses there, and opposite that infront of the alternator by the washerbottle, there are relays you may wish to check out too.

Definitely sounds like a short of some kind. I'd be checking out the wiring to you fans, but also the alternator as well. Some Nissan Maximas have a problem with the alternators when they go, they send a charge through the system and practically fry multiple fuses/relays. Not trying to scare you, but it would pay to get it checked.

Hope it helps.