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  • NEW forum feature (coloured user names)

    Hey all,
    Just a new feature that has been introduced by GPexa and the moderation team.

    Each state now has there own indivudual user name colour.
    So if u live in Brisbane your colour is maroon, and Sydney is light blue etc

    You have to join the group which corresponds to the state in which you live in.
    Please click the following link and choose which state:

    Click here to change your state User Group

    After you have done that, for the changes to take effect you must select which "Group" you want to be "identified as a member of".

    Go to the bottom of the page in the thread linked above, find your coloured state group membership, check the corresponding "Identify me as a member of this group" box, and click "Update Display Group"

    Any questions go to This Thead

    Forum Moderators