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    Non-Turbo Systems

    The Nissan EXA is completely responsive to exhaust modifications. It should absolutely be your first performance modification. From the contributions of club members and help from other clubs, ...
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    How to check the ECU for errors:

    This site has the info for 180sx and CA18DET engines, which is fine for the exa/CA18DE

    Here are some pics for checking on the exa:

    The ECU for EXAs sits under the passenger seat, so grab a screwdriver and ...

    That have been the problem with my car since I've got it 1 month ago, the demister wouldn't work, but I didn't have time to look at it until last nights, when I just got my car back from garage, I list out what I've done to attack ...
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    By Howie

    Heat is the biggest killer of performance, and by not recycling the hot air inside the engine bay you reduce the restriction placed upon the engine. Cold air induction is a term ...

    by Howie

    "theoretically, the advantages of this type of system is reduced coil loads, better spark voltage and the ability to support big-horsepower levels without misfiring. Unfortunately, when these multi-coil systems age they become ...
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    Head Units

    Double-din units look great on the EXA.

    First off, ditch the factory head unit it sucks.

    Find your particular head unit, and make sure that it can meet your future needs. Such as if you're planning to run four speakers, and subwoofer through an amplifier in the future grab a deck with front and rear pre-outs and also a subwoofer pre-outs. Such decks can be quite expensive, and may cost upwards of AUD$600. Another alternative is to run an equaliser ...
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    BY GTS18EXA (Rhys Hyrapiet)

    First step is to dismount and move aside the exhaust system, all the hand brake cable's run on top of it. Luckily for me mine is flanged and I just took out the end of it, ...
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    (Thanks to Dad again for the help, and Pulsar Parts for the Rotors)

    1. Chock up the car as usual.

    2. Remove wheel.

    3. Remove clip for brake line

    4. Remove brake pads by unbolting the lower bolt ...

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