• Nitrous Oxide



    Nitrous Oxide is renown worldwide for their automobile enhancing advantage. But did you know that NOS was initially developed for World War II fighter planes? Anyway that's trivial, but other facts that you should know is that nitrous oxide is inflammable so therefore it cannot burn without proper mixture. It's a cheap way of getting instant power, and can be installed in any vehicle providing the engine is in good condition. Many later model EFI cars are going for what is called the 'dry' manifold system. This is where the dry system injects nitrous and supplies extra fuel by 'spiking' the fuel pressure regulator to supply more fuel through the factory injectors. You can buy nitrous kits with everything you need to install the system into your car. This includes solenoids, nozzle, filters, fittings, jets, switches, braided hosing, wiring, fuses and a bottle of Nitrous Oxide. Any competant mechanic will be able to install this into your car within a day. NOS is undoubtly the worldwide leader in Nitrous Oxide systems for cars. I would definately recommend this label for your CA18 powered vehicle. If you happen to have a turbocharged car then that's a bonus! NOS can be used as an anti-lag system off the line, you can set the NOS to operate 'say for the first two gears or so' and you wouldn't use that much Nitrous Oxide that way. I'd recommend using the 50hp kit for the EXA, oh by the way 50hp doesn't represent the power gain but the nozzle size instead. Your only expense would be a refill of the nitrous bottle every month or so depending on your usage. But it'll be good for half-a-dozen 1/4mile passes. I saw a NOS kit in the paper for a $750aud, add around $400-500 for installation and you have quite a screaming nitrous breathing monster. And also, don't be shy about spending a bit for installation because most problems occur not with the nitro system itself but with installation (costing plenty in repair bills).

    Nitrous oxide systems are illegal on the streets of Australia, and are deemed suitable only for drag racing or similar. However you can have the system installed legally, as long as it's not connected it will be classed as a 'load' by the RTA.
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