• Power Chips



    There are many names for powerchips, such as torquechips, sportschips, but they're all refering to one thing. That is reprogramming of the vehicle computer to operate at optimum level. Our standard computers contains a 'map' or 'directory' which the computer uses to control a variety of engine functions.

    Mass production methods, government regulations and variations from country to country mean that the average standard 'Map' is very restricted. But chip manufacturers can change the 'Map' to make the engine perform better with little more than a few keystrokes on the computer keyboard.

    In short the advantages of Chipping your EXA 1.8 are (as tested by PowerChip corp):

    1. 10% more power and torque than the stock. (It does so by advancing the spark timing, and richening the mixture for maximum performance).
    2. Torque below 4000 rpm improves.
    3. Crisper throttle response and sharper feel.
    4. Removal of the flat spot on the EXA.
    5. No loss but gains in drivability.
    6. Smoother city driving (at the cost of 1mpg).

    * NOTE - When chipping your EXA make sure that all mods have been done otherwise you will not realise the full potential of your modifications. Example, do your exhaust, filter, port & polishing, cams, etc before you install your chip (make sure the chip is custom-programmed to take into account all mods).
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