• How to make your OWN dump pipe

    To make your own dump pipe you will need

    1x Nissan exa Turbo
    1 mandrel bend of decent size(2-3/4inch) is fine.
    1 arc/mig or oxy welder.
    5 bolt garrett exhaust flange 10mm thick
    Hack saw
    bench vice
    cardboard and scissors
    marking pen

    Lets get started......

    Start by removing your original dump pipe.
    now place the 10mm thick exhaust flange on the turbo and measure up to see if the mandrel is gonna fit.
    Mark it out and cut the mandrel. Once cut, place it back on the turbo and mark the position af angle.
    Tack weld it into position. Now you need to fill up the wastegate area with a smoothe flowing shape.
    Grab some plate mild steel 2-2.5mm thick. make a cardboard template first and be sure its a reasonably flush fitting ie: no gaps.
    trace it onto your plate mild steel and cut it out with a jigsaw. hammer the shape around an offcut of tubing the same diameter as the pipe you are using.
    Now see if its ok on your dump pipe. make sure there are no gaps, if so grind/cut til it fits perfect.
    Now mark out where you have to cut away at the mandrel to accomadate the wastegate piece. Snap the mandrel off the flange and cut it out with a grinder/dremil.
    RE-tack weld it back onto the flange and check the wastegate bit.
    if its a good fit then tack weld that bit on. Now check all gaps before welding entire project.
    If ok, then weld all the way around. Make sure the welds are strong and full. You need good heat and penetration to ensure longetivity of your dump pipe.
    If your happy with the welds then clean them up with the grinder and heat proof paint/chrome whatever to it.

    All is left to do it mate up the end of your dump to you existing exhaust. Do it yourself or take it to your local exahaust shop as it wont cost more than $50 and 1 hour work .....

    PICS HERE................................ http://mattybaby.customer.netspace.n.../
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