• Clear indicators on the NX ...

    For anyones usage... here is the Clear indicators on the NX.. they are off a VX Commodore.

    Installing Clear Side Indicators Procedure:

    1. Buy / Borrow a set of Clear indicators (both sides) - Below I have used ones from a VX Holden.
    2. Make sure you also buy the Bulb holder, Orange Bulb & a wire harness to go with it (All up incl lense = $45 from Holden [new] )
    3. Insert a screw driver, under your existing (orange) indicator on your gaurd. Be careful not to scratch the paint. Lever off the (orange) indicator so it comes off the gaurd. You will then see that it just pops out.
    4. Undo the existing Bulb Holder and cut off, leaving as much electrical wire still attached to the car-side as possible. (where wire meets holder)
    5. Strip back a little bit on the ends of the wires (including the Holden Harness) Join the holden harness to the NX harness(attached to car). It doesnt matter about which one is + or -.
    6. (Using a Soldering iron is prefer for this step)(You may skip this step if you dont want to use a soldering iron) Coat the joined wires with solder to allow them to be secured.
    7. Use Electrical tape / Insulation tape on the joined (soldered) wires to allow protection.
    8. Place (orange) Bulb in (holden)bulb-holder and connect to clear lense
    9. Press your Hazzard switch (or use the indicator) to test that its working correctly.
    10. Using a Silicone gun/compound, squirt a desired amount of silicone to the rear of the Clear lense and place it over where the original (orange) lense was - Doing this properly, you will be able to cover up the hole in the gaurd where the original lense was.
    11. Hold new indicator in place for a few minutes so that it is secured enough to be held by the silicone. (note: Silicone will take about 1 hour to fully dry, Depending on manufacturer)
    12. Repeat for 2nd side of the car. (I advise not to drive the car until 30-45mins after fully finished)

    These steps have been provided as a guide to changing the lense
    I myself, nor the Nissan Exa/NX Club will not be held accountable for any damage.

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