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Thread: **BUY & SELL RULES**Posts Without Your Location In The Title Will Be Deleted.

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    Exclamation **BUY & SELL RULES**Posts Without Your Location In The Title Will Be Deleted.

    If you are Selling an Item, you MUST put your location in the thread title.

    correct: "F/S: 1989 N13 EXA (Sydney)"
    incorrect: "Exa for sale"

    Please be aware that threads with no location in the title may be deleted.

    This is to make it easier for people to see which items are relevant to them. By doing it, you're helping to sell your item. Keep your thread title as descriptive as possible, as to help potential buyers.

    If you have an item for sale on an internet auction like ebay:

    correct: "F/S n13 Springs - full set (eBay)"
    incorrect: "Auction - springs for EXA"

    If you are searching for an item to buy, please put the location in the thread:

    correct: "WTB: Targa Roof set, red (Brisbane)"
    incorrect: "Targa Roof wanted"

    If you are looking for an item that you are prepared to buy from anywhere, you can do so in the thread title:

    correct: "WTB: Coil Packs for n13 EXA (anywhere)"
    incorrect: "WTB: Coil Packs"

    New members, please note that we do not accept new members just looking to offload products that aren't related to Nissans, or cars in general. We do however, accept long time members selling things here if they need some cash specifically to help along items for their car. In other words, if you're a honda owner who comes on here to sell a mobile phone and has 5 posts, please go to a phone forum or something... cheers!
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    If you are wanting , selling ect.. plz put your location in the topic..
    For sale 16" Rims (Brisbane)
    Wtd: headlight cover (Syd)

    Or: if you are selling something on eBay, can you please put
    for example " Forsale-N13 drivers door[E-BAY]
    you get the idea

    ** If you do not do so


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    Shouldn't it be threads rather then posts, cuz posts are more replies to someones thread, and the thread is what shows the locations

    eg: EXAClub White Pages (Sydney/Newcastle)

    then a posts would be

    eg: Brendan Hall
    0422 790 426

    Would it not

    Just asking

    L8r does not condone any acts that are in violation of the respective State / Federal laws & will not be held responsible for actions of its members.

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    There should be a little dropdown at the bottom of the thread. If you created the thread, it'll let you change the thread topic, i believe.

    Do this if you forget to put the location in...
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    To save disappointment of your thread being deleted, simply follow the above guidelines, which might take 5 seconds extra

    It saves 100 people reading a thread that's irrelevant to them.

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    Attention: All Buyers

    Due to a dispute / problem witha couple of Brisbane members,
    I thought i should bring to attention ------

    Member-A has bought an Engine from Member-B....
    After the purchase - & time of install Member-A found that the engine was damaged, and missing parts. - resulting in a much more expensive buy.
    Member-A has informed me that he would have been better off buying an engine for double the price from a wreckers.
    Member-A is also leaving the club, due to this.

    So please note: / will not/can not be held responsilbe for ANY private sale,These forums are here as a guide, and to help you.
    So please, make sure whatever you buy, you test the item, or get a written garuntee .... or if you do trust the person, then it is done so at your own risk;

    All members/guests that have been ripped off in the past... and currently, Our apologies go to you, and hope you can sort it out with the seller.

    Due to futher legal actions, no members have been named.

    Remember, to leave FEEDBACK to members in the BUY&SELL section-
    this can be found in the sellers original post, under there name, called the "Trader-Rating"
    Thank you, and happy cruising

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    Bump - Updated, and Cleaned

    Take this chance to notice user ratings.
    <-------<-------- <--------They appear under the members POST COUNT in the buy/sell threads.
    <------<---------<--------Click this to look at a person rating, and see if they have any negative feedback.
    This feature can also be used to add feedback to a person "reputation", so to speak.


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