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Thread: List of Interchangable Parts

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    List of Interchangable Parts

    Originally posted by Howie.

    I have taken liberty to edit and compile a more comprehensive list from all the replies of his thread also adding personal knowledge to it.

    Please note: Some things listed in the other thread are un-true and have not been added to the list for that reason!

    Original Post:
    As the title says "help us compile a list of interchangable parts", this will be added in the technical section of the site to make it easy for exa owners when hunting parts.

    So if you know if part xyz from another car works on an exa then tell us about it! Let's begin.

    WARNING: This is not a final list, do not rely on the accuracy of this list until we get final confirmation on parts. If in doubt ask your mechanic or supplier of parts!

    Interchangable EXA / Pulsar NX Parts List


    - Skyline R32 GTR Injectors in CA18DET (confirm?) *ECU will need upgrade map*
    - Coil Packs: All CA engines are interchangable including RB20DET
    - Power Transistor: All CA engines.
    - Crank Angle Sensor: All CA engines, and most nissan 4cyl. (confirm RB?)
    - Gaskets: Most gaskets for all CA engines are interchangable with small differences, such as you would get from different brands and quality!
    - Detonation Sensor: All CA engines.
    - ARV: All CA engines.
    - Water temp sensor: All CA engines. RB also fits with small mod or plug change.
    - Oil pressure sender: All CA engines.
    - Cam sprockets: All CA engines, possible difference in timing marks.
    - Throttle Position Sensor: All CA engines. And most cars with rectangular type. (Check plug fittment and wiring configuration)
    - Wiring loom connectors interchangable with most vehicles (2 pin types for injectors & various sensors etc)
    - Camshafts: Interchangable with all CA engines with exception of small differences in timing and durration of CA18DET intake cam.
    - Power steering rack: Interchangable with Jap Spec N13 Pulsar
    - AFM: Air flow meter. This is the same part from all CA series engines.
    - AFM Adaptor for Pod Filter: Same as Suzuki GTi, modification.
    - Starter motor: CA16DE and CA18DE FWD some say that the RWD one will work on the FWD engines but keep in mind the RWD flywheel has a slightly bigger diametre and may allow too much play meaning shortened life of starter or ring gear.
    - O2 Sensor: All interchangable from CA series. 3 wire ones are better and can be put into engine with single wire loom by attaching +'ive wire to ignition and -'ive wire to earth. 3rd wire is same as single wire O2 sensor "signal wire to ECU".


    - N13 Pulsar radiator (slight differences, possibly shorter legs)
    - Thermostat from CA18DET: There are two different ones, difference is at which temp the thermostat opens. Most S13's with a mechanical fan had the hotter thermostat. All CA engined Nissans with electric thermo fans had the cooler one


    - Voltage Regulator: Same from all N13 range! Or there is a cheap fix. Write-up available!


    - CA16/CA18DE/CA18DET Gearboxes (note CA16 is cable clutch and CA18's are hydrolic clutch)

    [* see note]

    - clutch cable + pedal on hydrolic clutch (interchangable with N14 Pulsar)

    You'll only have to worry about the hydrolic system if you change your gearbox to that from the 1.8, but you going to use your CA16 box and that won't be a problem.

    In the future if you did want to use a CA18 gearbox, just unbolt the gear case from the bell housing and bolt it up to your CA16 bell housing. You get the CA18 gear case and get to keep your cable clutch.

    Added: size of input shafts are different. ca16 = 20mm diameter shaft, ca18 = 25mm, this means you need to replace clutch. (DEV EDIT: Why would we need to change clutch Howie Just use the CA18 Driveshafts if using the CA18 g/box).


    - +87 front discs (direct replacement with 1.6L N14 Pulsar)
    - Rear Discs/Drums (interchangable with N13 Pulsar Rear Discs & Calipers)
    - N15 Pulsar SSS non ABS calipers bolt up to the N13 Exa, and you can use your standard rubber lines and master cylinder.

    N13 CA16 front rotors : 240mm x 18mm
    N13 CA18 front rotors : 250mm x 18mm
    N13 Pulsar/Vector front rotors : 240mm x 18mm
    N14 Pulsar GA16 front rotors : 250 x 18mm
    N14 Pulsar SR20 front rotors : 252mm x 20mm
    N15 Pulsar GA16 front rotors : 247mm x 18mm
    N15 Pulsar SR20 front rotors : 257mm x 26mm

    all bolt up with out a fuss to the N13 Exa, all use the 4 x 100 stud pattern. N12 and N16 use the other stud pattern. I would recommend you used the right calipers for these.

    For instance if you had a 1.6 Exa, N13 Pulsar rotors can be used with your calipers. If you had a 1.8 Exa, N14 1.6 rotors can be used with your calipers. *note: some early 1988 1.8's still had the 1.6 front brakes (the ones with the gray boot)*

    Any of the others, you need to get the corresponding calipers. Best mod, N15 SR20 rotors and calipers.

    Part numbers for N13 Exa and N13 Pulsar rear disks and calipers are the same. Hand brake cables are interchangable too. *note: drum and disk rear ends use different cables*

    - Coilovers: From sentra all the way up from 90 - 00' ie 94-00' coilover WILL work.
    Just need to shave the upper lip of the strut to get the coilovers to fit on the shaft.
    - Front strut brace (interchangable with those fitting N13 Pulsar, B12 Sentra, B13 NX Coupe, N14 and GTiR)

    - Front Swaybar Link (interchangable with N13 Pulsar)
    - Ball Joint (interchangable with N13 Pulsar)

    - Steering rack from the N13 Pulsar will fit the exa it is almost identical etc except that the left side mount (pasanger side) wiil need to use the pulsar mounting bracket and rubber as it is smaller in diameter


    - Steering wheel boss kit (same as N12 Exa)
    - Speedo Cable: Same through S1, S2 and Series 3 EXA!

    Green = Confirmed.
    Red = Require confirmation.
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    This thread will remain closed to keep clutter and confusion to a minimum.

    If you have anything to add or would like to discuss something please PM me or reply in the old thread HERE which we'll now call the 'discussion thread'.



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