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Thread: Valve clearances

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    Valve clearances

    While replacing the headgasket on my exa the other week i managed to get the tourque settings off here but nowhere could i find the clearances for the vlaves so i went to a mechanic mate and had a look in his service bible and it states that the clearances are as follows

    inlet ( hot setting ) .28
    ex ( hot setting ) .28

    hope this helps anyone else doing late night car work like i was
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    wow thanks a lot. i've been looking for this for a while. love ur cars look BTW

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    ahh thanx so much for the advice on the clearance.i replaced head gasket last week so this will be handy

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    I used to just always do them by feel when engine was warm. You want just enough clearance to make a click when you wiggle the rocker.

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