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Thread: NX-R suspension/brake compatibility (N13, N14, RNN14 etc.)

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    b13 brake question

    i have a 94 se-r and im trying to figure out which abs setup i have cause i called a couple parts houses and they are asking if i have a japanese or usa abs setup any help would be great

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    hmmm... so from this little read... GTi-R suspension fits perfectly into an NX-R coupe?
    I know that n13 pulsar suspension is interchangable with a GTi-R too... so technically n13 pulsa should fit into b13 nx-r

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    Mechanically they will bolt in, but I wouldn't be so sure of the spring rates being the same - that might need some investigation, mainly for the rears, but the fronts are identical from what I have heard.

    TBH, I think that PGA is the better place for this kind of information for us B13'ers as the B13 and N14 are virtually identical and suspension is interchangeable... not to mention many more people on PGA with actual experience from racing, attempting the modification.

    (Not trying to knock anyone here, its just they have a larger user base, so it stands to reason that there is more knowledge and experience there)

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    the pulsar and the exa is different at he back.. i know one is longer than the other but the front is identical.. concerning spring rate mikey is right.. but as you get coil overs you can adjust them ut if you put stock GTIR suspension the spring rate of the GTir is stiffer.. you might wanna put softer spring in the exa pulsar but you can also leave it it's up to you..

    i did have the n13sss is my previous car and it lowered the back a bit more than the exa did.. but i recon the GTir with king spring will do just perfect for the rear
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    just because I have my n13 pulsar suspension sitting around still, so if i could chuck that into the nx i would be laughing!!!1

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    been reading through this and didn't get what I was looking for...

    I have a 1992 NX-R coupe that I crashed a few weeks ago...
    I have replaced the 'parallel links' and 'radius rod' but my wheels still sit with way to much positive camber... Everything looks okay and straight and the only thing I can think of is if the 'parallel links' from a N14 pulsar are exactly the same as the B13 Nx ones or are they shorter. If they are shorter that could explain what is wrong.

    Any help would be appreciated. Cheers


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