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Thread: Post Your Coupe 'READ POST 1 BEFORE POSTING'

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    Post Your Coupe 'READ POST 1 BEFORE POSTING'

    N12 EXA, N13 EXA & B13 NX/NXR only please
    (This includes american ones with different names)

    The format to be followed is:

    *Modification list
    *Link to most current picture/ build thread IF ANY

    This thread will act as an index for all EXA members with links to full picture thread where comments can be made..
    They will just not be made here.. any comments or post made NOT following the guidelines will be (DELETED..
    Any problem just pm me

    Any EXA, NX/R ( N12, N12DET, N13, N13DET, B13, B13DET) ONLY can post whether tuned or not


    Treat this page as a name for you So No dirty pics of cars(give it a wash at least)

    *Editing can be made if you make any changes in the future
    *Example will be in post #2

    Enjoy and show us your PRIDE
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    **Engine and Transmission**
    - S13 CA18DET converted to CA18DE engine 98000 on engine 164000k on chassis
    - EX grand prix edition.. car has been repainted and lost badge
    - Exa Plenum and S13 genuine plenum to be fitted
    - ACL pistons
    - shaved head
    - SR20DE Alternator 80 amps
    - Standard exa Injectors
    - 4 to 2 to 1 extractors
    - 2.5 inch exhaust
    - New engine loom and relays
    - K&N pod fliter with chrome cover
    - heavily ported and polished head
    - Cruise control ( Removed)
    - New rocker cover gasket
    - Spec Pro Cat Back Exhaust 4"
    - Wideband o2 sensor
    - Cold Air Intake custom made
    - New Bosch platinum Quad Spark Plugs
    - Z32 AFM
    - RB30 Thottle
    - White line strut brace "front"
    - AEM Cam Gears
    - Ingalls Torque Damper
    - ACT Street Disk heavy duty clutch
    - Skunk2 Short Shifter
    - Mugen Thermostat
    - S13 water pump

    **Suspension & Brakes**
    - N14 Gtir SSS suspension with camber adjustment
    - Skunk2 Camber Kit
    - Nothlane bushes
    - S3 rear disk brakes
    - Slotted Rotor
    - Adf22 Calipers
    - Full round Disk brakes painted
    - Legal height with bodykit on 100 mm

    **Interior & ICE**
    - Custom painted Targas with both targa button
    - Type R Carbon Shift Knob
    - S3 seats Retrimn
    - Neons in door Red & blue
    - light in middle plastic for people at the back
    - Glove box light custom made
    - Aftermarket windows winder
    - Neons under seats and under dash with blue and red switch
    - blue LED dash bulb all round
    - Autometer Cluster Tacho 5"
    - Momo steering wheel 300mm
    - Room temparature and audio gauges inclusted in dashboard
    - Pioneer mp3 unit
    - Blauphunt 6" Comptetition 300 Watt GT speakers and focal splits
    - 6x9s pioneer 350 Watt Roof Mounted
    - Ubl 4" GT speakers Back mounted
    - Mono block Clarion 1500 watt RMS Competition Amp
    - 2x blauphunt velocity 15" dual coil 1800 Rms each
    - Full retrim seats ,front ,back and boot carpet custom made to suit car
    - Custom made velour door card
    - Custom painted dash and accesories

    - HID Xenon kit 8000
    - Xhp 7's Wrapped in 205-40-17 Front, 215-40-17 Rear Kumho ASX's
    - Custon made head light cover with vent
    - Full X Racing Bodykit
    - Carbon Bonnet
    - Green neon wiper
    - Nissan exa stickers logo front and back
    - Carbon side Mirrors with LED, blinker and door LED's
    - Rear side reflector turned into blinker
    - USDM side Blinkers " Smooth"
    - Projectors Parkers
    - USDM blinker conversion " Front"
    - Full Bodykit molded to car
    - USDM 6 x 7 Custom Projectors head light with custom dim.. "Unique"

    LINK :


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    these are old pix, more recent pix in build thread


    -u12 bluebird ca18det
    -acl triple layer head gasket
    -tfi pod filter/k & n panal filter for rego/clearing defects
    -fmic with custom piping
    -k & n oil filter
    -2.5 inch exhust with a dumpy
    -high flow cat
    -turbo smart dual stage boost controller (im runnign 10psi low and 14psi high)
    -stock gear box
    -short shifter
    -exedy heavy duty clutch
    -braided oil lines for turbo
    -dual core radiator
    -chrome radiator cap

    -sss n14 dba slotted rotors
    -sss n14 pulsar calpiers with heavy duty bendex pads
    -s3 exa rear disk brakes

    -lowered on king springs (lows)
    -x-racing strut brace

    -greddy turbo timer ( as well as a turbo timer, its a digital speedo, taco, stop watch tells you yor best lap time, top speed, attack mode, tracks how u drive and tells u how long to idle before shutting off)
    -autometer boost gauge
    -autometer air fuel ratio gauge
    -autotechnica flat bottom stearing wheel
    -autotechnica gear knob
    -monza sports pedals
    -billet window winders
    -black and blue neon
    -cheker plater floor mats seat covers
    -fire extigusher mouted in passenger foot well
    -switches for boost controller and neons

    -mrboom vented fiberglass hood with bonnet pins
    -mako 17inch wheels
    -diy mesh in front bar
    -removed mud gaurds

    -easy audio dvd player (touch screen being used as monitor as it stoped reading cds/dvds)
    -sony xplode dvd player
    -pioneer twin 12's
    -jvc 2way 6x9's rear
    -6' option audio spits front in carbon fiber door pods
    -boss 1000w 4 channal amp with external bass controller
    -black widow car alarm with dual point imobilzer

    build thread
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    A360's 1985 Nissan N12 Pulsar NX EXA Convertible - Special edition only available in Japan.
    100 were built in America and shipped to Japan for nissan to sell to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Nissan Cherry dealerships



    raw photos - no editing

    Standard E15S Carby Motor
    Standard 5 Speed gearbox
    2" Exhaust
    Solid Engine Mounts
    54.00 hp at the wheels - yeah pretty damn slow haha
    video of the dyno run

    Factory power steering
    Slotted front rotors with bendix ultimate pads
    Front CMS coilovers
    Rear Monroe GT Gas shocks
    Front & rear strut braces
    Bolt-on 25mm wheel spacers all around

    Sony Xplod head unit
    2 rockford 12" dual voic coil subs
    jbl mono block & jbl stereo amps
    custom boot install (WIP)
    series 2 blue and black interior
    saas sport seats
    momo gear knob
    black carpet
    black painted dash
    chrome stripping
    retrimmed panels
    n13 Jap Import EXA steering wheel
    Dash mat
    Modified dash centre piece to hold two gauges and a DIN sized head unit
    battery relocated to boot (replaced with Sealed Gell Cell)

    17" black with machined face LeMans LMR18 wheels 7.5" wide with +40 offset (wish they were a lower offset so i didnt need spacers)
    new roof
    respray in ford velocity blue
    crystal headlights
    canberra car styling front lip and skirts
    ET pulsar rear pods
    factory nissan rear wing (i have a couple more of these if people want them - PM me)
    Tow bar
    Chrome stripping
    modified front bumper & bonnet vents
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    Mines a 93 model Dark Blue NX

    Pictures: Older pics (will find newer ones to add soon)

    -Standard SR20de
    -Standard 5sp Manual
    -Pod filter

    - None yet...

    -Kenwood 10 disc cd stacker
    -Kenwood Cassette head unit
    -Pioneer 4" two way speakers in rear
    -Cadence 6" two ways in the front
    -SAAS black with brushed metal gear knob
    -Drift flat bottom black leather steering wheel with blue inserts

    -15" Chrome wheels with kuhmo tyres
    To Do list
    - Fit the exhuast
    - Get grey stripe resprayed
    - Make a rear seat cover...

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    Standard Ca18det
    Standard 5 Speed gearbox
    FWD Turbo Manifold
    FWD Stainless steel 3" dump pipe
    3" Exhaust
    Aftermarket Ems Ecu
    frontmount 600x300
    drift BOV

    Factory power steering
    Front strut brace
    coming soon king lows and superlows
    rear pulsar disc brake conversion

    Series 3 seats (and hopfully custom rear seats if my idea works)
    alpine Cd player
    pioneer 6's and some cheapy 6 by 9's in the rear
    kenwood 10 sub
    kenwood 250w Amp
    Steering wheel
    Custom piller gauge pod
    green led's for the dash
    short gearstick
    black carpet

    17" white rims
    respray kawasaki Green
    custom front bar
    custom rear bar
    coming soon custom smoothed off rear end
    shaved door locks and bump strips
    and now a custom grill
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    Series 2, N13 Exa 1989 ca16de

    - Ca16de with matching green cam covers lol
    - standard 5 spd manual
    - Short Shifter Kit
    - 2 and a quarter inch exhaust with a lukey sports muffler

    - Monroe gt gas struts rear
    - Pedders struts up front
    - All round Lowered on SL Kingsprings
    - Factory power steering
    - stocko brakes
    - 17" starcorp racing, 6 spoke grey rims
    - Nankang low profile tyres

    - Vaccuum gauge tacho mounted in drivers side door air vent
    - Sports steering wheel n boss kit
    - Two black AXS Nismo seat covers
    - Black Streetglow neons for passenger and drivers side floor
    - Spy Car alarm with remote central locking
    - Kenwood mp3/cd player
    - Soundstream 6" front speakers
    - Soundstream 6 x 9" rear speakers
    - Clarion apx1300 300w amplifier
    - 2 x 12" Fusion Subs

    - Resprayed torana Barbados Green
    - FINALLY has genuine nissan b pillars
    - Tinted windows
    - Tinted Tail lights
    - Arctic Blue xenon headlights
    - Chrome Nismo Badge (and interior)
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    Statiks N13 Kodak edition - AKA - PURPLE HAZE
    The camera company Kodak, had Nissan paint a select amount of Exas in the Pearlescent yellow, and decked them out with all the available options for the exas. Has all the S3 goodies to go with it. Argueably the rarest exa around.

    Car is not complete in photos below.

    **Engine and Transmission**
    - S13 CA18DE
    - Standard 5sp transaxle
    - ACL Duralite pistons
    - decked block
    - shaved head
    - heavily ported and polished head
    - RB series valves
    - Polished rocker covers & Timing case
    - de-butterflied intake manifold
    - 63mm throttle body
    - custom 4-2-1 extractors
    - 2.5in zorst to cat.
    - 2.25in cat back
    - removed vac system
    - majority of loom hidden
    - battery in boot
    - Microtech MT-8
    - removed A/C
    - polished power steer reservoir
    - RB26DETT coils
    - uprated injectors
    - match ported extractors & gaskets
    - removed carbon canister and vac tank
    - adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    - unifilter
    - custom intake manifold end plate

    - Pedders struts
    - Nolathane bushes
    - Front Strut brace
    - superlow king springs all around

    **Interior & ICE**
    - Black satin retrim
    - stock elec windows
    - white gauges
    - Nismo gear knob
    - Autometer vac gauge
    - greddy single a pillar gauge holder
    - Momo wheel
    - Pioneer DEH-5850MP headunit
    - Alpine Type S 6in components front
    - Alpine Type S 6x9s rear
    - Pioneer 4in kevlar components roof
    - Cadence 500wrms amp
    - 0 gauge wiring kit & platinum rcas
    - 2 x 12" Eclipse subs
    - Full alarm system inc remote start, pager, 3 point immobiliser, etc.
    - Central locking
    - shortened shifter (grinder style....)
    - Microtech LTS hand controller
    - Hektik Nismo seatcovers

    GP lips
    custom grille
    17in grey starcorp wheels
    meshed frontbar
    tinted taillights, parkers and indicators
    rear 1/4 reflector modified for park lights
    sleepy eyes
    custom numberplates
    MUDFLAPS!!!! woot!

    **Soon To Come**
    dash gauges
    polished mounts
    solid engine mounts
    chrome intake
    GTiR brakes all round
    braided brake and engine bay lines
    18in rims
    smoothed body
    custom sound enclosure
    Jun camshafts
    respray inc. tuck job

    sure theres alot more too. ill add when i remember.
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    ok, keep in mind ive just gotten this car, and it will improve alot over the next few months.

    1989 N13 exa, ca18det powered.

    **Engine and Transmission**
    jap spec ca18det
    T25 Turbo
    Custom 3 inch turbo back exhaust
    Big front mount intercooler with custom stainless piping
    super suquential BOV
    LSD gearbox and c.v shafts
    short shifter
    Pod Filter

    **Suspension and brakes**
    Super Low King Springs in the rear
    Pedders Lows in the front
    X-racing front strut brace
    slotted rotors on the front

    **Interior & ICE**
    Nismo Boost gauge mounted in Door Vent
    Auto gauge AFR gauge
    Pioneer HU
    2 x Clarion 12 inch subs in custom box
    alpine type s front 6.5 inch speakers
    Pioneer 350 Watt 6x9's in the rear
    Kenwood 6x9's in the boot, along side clarion 6x9's
    AXS purple seat covers over S3 seats
    mongoose alarm system
    central locking
    momo wheel
    racing gear knob

    Maroon with black bonnet including vents and Bonnet Pins
    N15 SSS wheels
    Meshed front bar with fog lights
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    - Ca18de
    - standard 5 spd manual
    - Sports exhaust (not sure of size)

    - Still suspension (slightly lowered)
    - Factory power steering
    - Stock brakes (Disk front, Drum rear)
    - 14" 5 spoke mags
    - Bridgestone directional tires

    - Kenwood mp3/cd player
    - Sony Explod 6.5" front speakers
    - Sony Explod 6 x 9" rear speakers
    - Sony amplifier
    - 1 x 12" Kicker Sub
    - Red and Chrome racing gearshifter
    - Red, Black and Chrome racing pedals

    - Pearlesent Red Paint
    - Purple neon under front
    - Arctic Blue xenon headlights
    - Personalised Plates (NAN-089)
    - Red windscreen Wipers

    Soon to Come
    - Bodykit
    - Respray in Falcon Purple
    - Neons (1000 colour, inside and out)
    - Full Viper Alarm system
    - 17" mags
    - Maybe turbo
    - Sports steering wheel
    - Disk brakes rear conversion

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    1987 N13 Exa-DEVS 89/DEVILS- NOW SOLD

    CA16DE engine
    K&N pod filter
    2.25" catback exhaust system

    16" mags (unsure of brand)
    Full Xracing body kit (BN front, Edge side, Xracing rear bar 2)
    EVO hood scoop
    Wing on one hatch no wing on another

    Tan leather re-trim
    racing pedals (only on for shows)
    Sports steering wheel
    gear knob
    cut down gear stick

    Pioneer DVD double din head unit
    Soundstream Tarantula 6.5" speakers out front
    Pioneer 5.25" speakers in rear
    2x Clarion Amps
    2x Clarion Subs

    5x Soundstream Tarantula 6.5" speakers
    4x Soundstream R1 subs
    2x 2000W Soundstream Tarantula monoblock Amps
    2x Soundstream Tarantula 4-channel Amps
    Re-trim interior again
    paint job
    hood scoop
    different mags
    custom boot install
    Turbo Kit

    Probably forgot stuff in current nd to come list

    Link to my build thread

    more pics in the album in my profile. just click my name nd go to profile then the album
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    180SX Specs
    SR20DET, FMIC, POD Filter, Turbo back exhaust, gear knob, CA Front Bar with lip, Altezza taillights, Side skirts,

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    Re-Engineering the EXA.
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    Here's my 1988 N13 EXA.

    **Engine and Transmission**
    - Standard CA18de (as far as I can tell so far anyway)
    - Standard 5 speed manual transmission

    - Standard

    **Interior & ICE**
    - Somebody's dodgy home made short shifter ( work ok for now, but I will replace it eventually)
    - The rest is all standard (for now), but still in pretty good condition.

    - All stanard, yet again. Needs some work though.

    **Future Mods**
    - More than I could think of to list here

    LINK : My build thread

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    T25 Turbo
    280x300 Intercooler
    2" Intercooler Piping
    AFM On Cooler Piping
    Blocked Off Log


    Racing Wheel / Pedals / Shifter / H - Brake
    Panasonic Headunit - AUX in etc..
    1000watt Amp
    2x10" Subs
    2x 6 1/2" Speakers Up Front
    2x 6-9's In Rear
    Pivet Turbo Timer
    2" Boost Gauge
    3 3/4" RPM Tacho
    Tinted Windows


    Custom Lime Green Paint
    17" chrome Twisters, 7" Wide And +35 Offset
    5mm Spacers In rear
    Rolled Front Guards
    x2 stickers on rear 1/4 windows :-P
    Chopped front Section Of Front Bar To Reveal Intercooler

    **TO COME**

    Lowered a few inches
    Fit 2x Autotechnica racing seats
    Fit 3" - 2 1/2" dump pipe
    2 1/2" zorst all the way through

    Plus more but it's 2.15am and i wanna hit the sack

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    '89 Pulsar NX SE

    1.8 litre CA18DE (in the middle of swapping CA18DET)
    Maxspeed exhaust w/ 4” tip
    White silicone hoses and wire looms
    Weapon-R air and breather filtre
    Cold-air induction

    Standard 5-speed

    Weapon-R coil-overs
    KYB struts
    Front strut bar

    Power Stop 250mm cross-drilled rotors
    Stock rear drums, pads and shoes

    7x16in Team Dynamic Motorsports (white) wrapped in Nitto 450 series 205/45/16 tyres

    Erebuni body kit with re-customized front spoiler, rear bar, side skirts
    Touring wing
    Two-tone respray in burgundy and white
    Colour-coded grille
    German plate
    Sealed beam headlight conversion
    Hyper white H4 bulbs
    Blazer blue diamond foglights
    Clear front bumper lenses
    Ambre LED bulbs in corner lights
    Clear custom-fitted rear side marker lenses with red LED bulbs
    Clear taillights
    LED light strip in factory spoiler light
    Red mesh inserts
    Bonnet pins
    Custom single-wiper conversion
    ABD clear side repeaters with ambre LED bulbs
    VW bee-sting antenna
    Original antenna removed and filled
    Upgraded door locks
    Blue reversing and plate lights
    Street Glow strobe lights with control module
    ABD rear plate frame
    Optional Sportbak with V-Racing aluminum roof spoiler
    European style tail light setup (individual brake and marker lights with integrated rear fog light)

    OBX racing pedals (red and silver)
    Colour-coded instrument panel, radio bezel, side and centre air vent housings, centre console (all coloured white), ashtray and door handle housings in red
    Tinted windows
    Hyper white dome light
    Indi-glo dials (custom fitted)
    Momo Combat gearknob (red)
    Momo leather gearboot
    Momo Racing Metal wheel (red)
    Blue 6” neon tube
    Red mesh insert
    Custom fit floor mats with ‘EXA’ embroided on front mats
    Nissan seatbelt pads

    Sony X-plõd CDX-C5000X head unit
    6.5 Sony X-plõd XS-V1621 (front)
    6x9 Sony X-plõd XS-V6921 (rear)
    Sub box with 10” subs and blue neon rings

    Finish engine swap
    Upgrade to t28 turbo (have)
    Frontmount cooler
    NX2000 rotors (have)
    NX2000 calipers
    Finish interior
    Put new Sony speakers in (have)
    Sony subs with amp
    Nissan oil cap (have)
    Ground wires (have)
    Remus exhaust (have)
    Upgrade swaybars
    Upgrade strut bar
    17" wheels
    AWD conversion (have gearbox and rearend)

    89 Pulsar NX SE Low Glow (project very slowly getting back into motion)
    87 Pulsar NX SE Phatsar (sadly, not what it use to be)
    92 NX 1600 (GONE) does not condone any acts that are in violation of the respective State / Federal laws & will not be held responsible for actions of its members.

    Pensacola, FL USA

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    1989 S2 Nissan Exa Grand Prix Edition Build: 179

    **Engine and Transmission**
    - Standard Ca18de
    - Standard 5 Speed gearbox
    - 2.25 inch cat back exhaust
    - Mushroom Pod filter

    **Suspension & Brakes**
    - King spring Lows in Front
    - King spring Super Lows in rear
    - Ad22vf discs Front
    - Ad7h disc Rear

    **Interior & ICE**
    - Kenwood KDC-MP6026
    - Sony Xplode 6' Two way fronts
    - 12' 1000wmax 400wrms Pioneer Sub
    - 5 channel 3000w amp (ebay job)
    - custom sub box (50% MDF 50% Silicon )

    - 17' P&W Chrome rims wrapped in 205/45/17
    - Dark Tint (turning purple)
    - GP Lips (absent for now due to breakage)

    - U11 Ca18det with a few mods

    LINK :

    I <3 chkn
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    1986 Pulsar NX:

    - Stock E16s
    - Engine block heater (for easier starting below -20C)
    - Muffler removed, resonator only exhaust
    - Auto to 5spd conversion with transmission out of a 1988 Pulsar NX XE

    - Fog lights


    - Stock stereo modified to accept line in from MP3 player
    - Aftermarket shifter boot
    - Aluminum pedals

    - Holley 5200 carb swap
    - Cancer treatment

    -Major teardown and rebuild
    -Forced Induction

    Fuel Injection => ECU => Engine has a brain
    Carburetor =>Engine has a mind of its own

    - 1986 Nissan Pulsar NX (Nixie: RIP- Dead to rust)
    - 1994 Infiniti Q45
    - 1992 Accord Coupe

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    1984 Nissan Exa Turbo ( brodey ledwells old car )


    T25 Turbo
    280x300 Intercooler
    2" Intercooler Piping
    AFM On Cooler Piping
    Blocked Off Log


    Racing Wheel / Pedals / Shifter / H - Brake
    Panasonic Headunit - AUX in etc..
    1000watt Amp
    2x10" Subs
    2x 6 1/2" Speakers Up Front
    2x 6-9's In Rear
    Pivet Turbo Timer
    2" Boost Gauge
    3 3/4" RPM Tacho
    Tinted Windows


    Custom Lime Green Paint
    17" chrome Twisters, 7" Wide And +35 Offset
    5mm Spacers In rear
    Rolled Front Guards
    x2 stickers on rear 1/4 windows :-P
    Chopped front Section Of Front Bar To Reveal Intercooler

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    First Time Poster
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    [IMG][/IMG] just a start of pics to come only about 1 month of working on it and its looking great

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    Engine Mods:

    SR20DET engine transplant
    Fully rebuilt
    Polished and balanced crank
    Oversized JE forged pistons
    Full valve grind
    Racing grind cams
    S15 480cc injectors
    Walbro 400hp fuel pump
    3" Intercooler piping
    450x300x76 FMIC
    Greddy TypeRS BOV
    3" Exhaust from turbo back
    Reconditioned T25g Turbo
    Linkplus ECU
    Launch control
    Exedy single plate ceramic clutch
    LSD gearbox from GTI
    Phantom grip unit for LSD (makes it tighter)
    Nolathane solid engine mounts

    Suspension mods:

    D2 36 way adjustable coilovers
    Whiteline adjustable swaybars (front and rear)
    Greddy front strut brace

    Interior Mods:

    Jamex reclinable seats
    Sony head unit
    Sony 800w amp (Subs)
    Sony 440w amp (Speakers)
    Sony 12" 1300w sub x 2
    Pioneer 6.5" speakers (rear)
    Pioneer components (front)
    White dials
    3 x guages recessed into dash
    Link hand controller
    Yellow and silver detailings

    Exterior Mods:

    Honda Integra front
    Honda Integra angel eye headlights
    Jetspeed sideskirts
    Jetspeed rear kit
    Combat bonnet vent
    T-Wing spoiler that is motorised (can be moved up and down from dash)
    Removed and smoothed bump strip around car
    T-top (came factory with the car but its a kickass feature worth mentioning!)


    17x7" Advanti Torenos
    Toyo RA-1 Semi slicks 205x40

    Performance: 1/4 mile 13.2@109MPH (street tyres, damn FWD)
    Power 297hp(222kw) @ wheels on dyno at NZEFI

    Future Plans: When turbo blows I will replace it with T28BB Turbo from S15

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    Shes on fire!!!!! ty_exa's Avatar
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    Sep 2005

    i guess i should put my newest exa in here. here we go...

    1991 Nissan Exa S3 Solair edition named Ashlyn
    stock white

    blue LED dash light kit including white cluster
    purple throw overs
    blue under-dash neons
    custom esky made in rear left pocket with drainage down in front of rear left wheel
    aftermarket steereing wheel
    Saas aftermaket gear knob
    i got dice hanging from my mirror, lol.
    NEO multi colour vacuum gauge mounted in drivers door vent
    re-trimmed door trims in new black vynal
    central locking and alarm system on remote

    Pioneer HU
    Slpine Type S 6.5 inch speakers in front
    Pioneer 350 watt 6x9's in rear
    15 inch sony xplod sub-doofa in boot running off Pioneer amp
    amp/sub running through a DNA cut off switch mounted under dc player, and running through a digital fuse setup which tells me exact battery volts i have (12.3 usually)

    17 inch somethin or other wheels. dunno. they suit the car though so im happy with them. chrome bling blow
    lowered on king springs Super Lows rear, Lows front.
    Modified Solair bar, cut out mouth and meshed etc
    undercar Million Colour LED kit
    2 tone mirror tinted windows

    -engine etc:
    ca18de stock
    Excedy Sports Tuff clutch setup
    platinum plugs
    rebult injectors
    2.25 inch high flow cat back exhaust ening in a big canon. including high flow cat. really free'd up the revs after 4,000 RPM
    NOS Pod filter.... cos NOS is sick n all.
    'relocated' emmisions gear
    relocated relays
    relocated engine bay wiring

    thats all i can think of for now
    GAZZA says:
    id sooner root you
    Ty- YEEWWW!!! says:
    Naww shux
    you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside
    GAZZA says:
    if me you and courtny were in a house youd betta sleep on your back with a base ball glove


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