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Thread: INFO: N13 EXA hatch types

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    INFO: N13 EXA hatch types

    One of the most publicised features of the n13 EXA back in the 80's was it's 'modular design'.
    The one car can be a sporty coupe, an open top targa car, a semi-convertible or even a wagon!

    Standard issue hatch:
    This is the most common hatch, it came as standard equipment on all n13 exas worldwide.
    The first n13 exas (1986 build year) came with a grey hatch no matter the body colour - this was to highlight the hatch as a modular feature. After 1986 the hatch was colour coded with the rest of the body.

    Sportbak hatch (LA Version):
    The Sportbak was a factory option in America and Japan. It was orignally only sold in California (where the n13 EXA was designed). Due to the popularity of the option, they started selling it in other states as well as in Japan. The Sportbaks were only ever sold in grey. Upon taking delivery of your new EXA Sportbak, it came complete with a regular hatch inside the boot (rear seat folded down).
    The sportbak completely replaces the regular hatch and the entire thing hinges up like normal. It essentially makes the n13 EXA into a wagon (only targa top wagon ever made). It dramatically increases boot space and if you are into the doof doof, it makes it sound great!

    The softbak is a rubbery/plastic rear covering with a clear window, it doesnít have stitching, instead the seams are fused together which means it won't leak. Another benefit is that it doesnít weigh much at all which makes it great for drag racing. The softbak has a frame that connects onto the car with the strut bolt holes and the boot clip, it also comes with a support rod that is inserted into a small compartment below the rear window which stops flapping while driving. It can be folded up for storage. These were an optional extra in Australia and cost $1000.00 new from Nissan upon order of your new n13 EXA.

    No hatch:
    The n13 EXA was designed with FUN in mind... This feature definately proves it!

    To remove the hatch, this is what you need to do:
    *remove the two hinge covers on the roof: open the boot and you can see two screws on each cover, when undone, the covers slide off.
    * undo the gas struts from the body of the car: remove the plastic bolt covers, and with a 14mm spanner, undo the bolts (don't lose the bits and pieces, screw the bolt back in so you don't lose anything!), there are two clips on the carpet part of your hatch that the struts clip onto (sportbak's don't have these clips) using these clips will ensure that you don't damage your struts.
    *undo the 4 bolts on top of the car. 14mm socket will do the job.
    *with one person on each side of the car, lift the hatch off and store in a safe place (best to either hang it up, or sit it on a sheet or something to prevent scratches).
    *screw the hinge covers back on the roll-bar so you don't lose them

    A few questions have been asked about the legalities of this. The N13 Exa is LEGALLY allowed to be driven without ANY HATCH AT ALL. It is a stock feature of the Exa, and has been incorporated into the design of the car.
    New Zealand owners, for you to drive around topless LEGALLY, you need to install a high mount stoplight in a visible spot inside the car. Any car made in 1986 or after needs to have a high mount stop light. Some Australian exas came with a factory light on the inside of the roll bar, with a little wiring; they can be fitted to any exa as the mounting points are incorporated into the design of the roll bar.

    In Australia the ADR's were changed in 1989 to say that any car made after 1989 had to have a high stop light, this is why later exas have the internal light whilst the earlier ones donít.

    If you have a police officer try and defect your exa for not having a hatch (yes it does happen!), simply show him the warning labels in the car. There is one in the boot which warns not to sit in the boot when driving with hatch off and Japanese exas also have one on the driverís side sun visor. This should be ample proof for anyone.

    Hatch removal kit:
    There was an optional removal pack that could be bought with the car; it consisted of a metal support to hold the hatch while removing the struts, two rubber stoppers to stop the hatch locking, as well as a metal stand with wheels that the hatch sits in when you leave it at home. I saw one on U.S. eBay a couple of years back but I got outbid badly. Itís the only one I have actually seen.
    can be seen here:
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