What do I get?
  • Unrestricted access to the 'Elite Squad' forum
  • Warm and fuzzy feelings inside from knowing you're keeping us kicking!
  • A nissanexa.com/nxcoupe.com email address - Either by way of forwarding to your existing email address, or providing you with a gmail style account with over 6GB storage! Ask me if you've not got one!
  • Extra private messaging space - Normal members get 500, Elite members get 5000.
  • PM tracking - See if the recipient has read your sent pm!
  • More attachment storage - Normal members get a 1MB limit, Elite members get a 20MB limit.
  • More picture album storage - Normal members get 20 pics with 1.5MB limit, Elite members get 60 pics with a 15MB limit.
  • Bigger album pictures - Normal members get 600x600 pixel photos with 80kB, Elite members get 1024x1024 pixel photos with 300kB.
  • Bigger profile pic - Members get 150x150 pixels with 25kB, Elite members get 500x500 pixels with 100kB.
  • Bigger avatar - Members get 150x150 pixels with 25kB, Elite members get 150x150 pixels with 50kB. I'm sorry, but physically larger avatars than 150px ruin the dimensions of your post space!
  • Ability to upload a signature picture - You can upload a pic for your signature of a maximum 500x100 pixels and 150kB.

How can I pay?
Paypal is by far the easiest way, you can pay through paypal with either credit card or a direct deposit - paypal is no longer just for credit cards! sign up at www.paypal.com.au - it's free.

This is how to become an elite member:
First, click on the 'User CP' button at the top right of your screen

Scroll down the bottom and you will find 'paid subscriptions on the right

Once you have clicked 'paid subscriptions you are taken to the screen where you can select the 'elite squad' package you would like to buy (Here I am selecting the 5 year for $50 option)

You are then taken to the confirmation screen where you can click the button to take you through to paypal.