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Thread: Piston Advice Needed!

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    Exclamation Piston Advice Needed!

    I think I want to use the E16 31M crank for the 88mm stroke and the E15 11M ConRods for the longer rods but that leaves me with my pistons 3mm too tall (see pics)

    The way I see it is I have 3 options

    1: find pistons with a lower comp height like the GA16DE, but I think I read they have an offset pin. Idk if that would affect anything.

    2: Shave 3mm off of one of the two sets of pistons in pics below. (Anyone foresee any problems with that?)

    3: Use a 2mm spacer and a second head gasket to raise the head 3mm (Anyone foresee any problems with that?)

    Thanks in advance

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    Does anyone now the dish volumes for the ga16de pistons?

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    Looks like I'm going with the GA16DE pistons.

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    I'd go the head gasket option. Ridge rest will make it any thickness you want.

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