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Thread: Nissan Pulsar N12 Manual Conversion Questions

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    Nissan Pulsar N12 Manual Conversion Questions


    I have an 80's Nissan Pulsar N12 auto.
    It has the E15 engine with fuel injection but being a bit of a rookie I can't figure out whether its the turbo version or not!
    What should I look for in the engine compartment?
    Whether it's the E15E or E15ET I want to do a manual conversion as I'm not exactly a fan of autos.
    What parts would I need? Where would be the best place to get them from considering I live in NZ? Any estimates on the overall costs?


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    hey man, on my 85 pulsar when the auto trans stopped working we switched it out for a 5 speed manual from a 84 Sentra we took the trans, pedals, flywheel, and clutch cable we also put in a new clutch, and pressure plate

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    how did the car go after the conversion?
    were there any problems/difficulties?


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