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Thread: Turbo to manifold

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    Turbo to manifold

    Hi guys,

    n12 Exa where the turbo bolts to the manifold, I have bolts come off and come loose, how to fix them so this doesn't happen


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    hi chris.

    im not an expert(yet)got my n12 bout a week ago but i would say u wanna do it right yeh¿get 4 new studs with washers and nuts.make sure your thread is clean on the inside on your manifold.then take your new studs and put locktite on the short end you screw in the manifold.the rest is pretty straight forward you slap on your turbo over y the 4 new make sure you have a gasket or fire gum on your manifold before you put your turbo back to prevent your exhaust gases from excaping between your manifold nd turbo.ok so you got your turbo you put your 4 new washers and then screw your nuts back on the studs with some locktite aswell.just a drop or 2 will do coz you do want to loosen them oneday i believe.hope you found this a 1st year apprentice at nissan south africa

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    Sounds about right.

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