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Thread: Weather strip from 87 300zx

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    Question Weather strip from 87 300zx

    Do you guys know if the windows weatherstrip of the 87 300xz fits on 88 nx?

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    EXALATED Smurf4107 is very helpful round here Smurf4107's Avatar
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    May 2008

    Doubtful sorry

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    Guru Rik is someone we respect Rik's Avatar
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    I'd say it's worth a shot if the salvage-yard price is right, but smurf is right, the doors between the two cars are so completely different I doubt you'd get any use outta them.
    TTop seals are what you're after I'm guessing, yes?

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    my T-Tops are fine, of course it will be a plus to have them better, but what I really want to fix is the side that goes from the side to the mirror. I tried to fix it with an adhesive seal, that works but I saw this weather strip in the junkyard and looked very similar to EXA.

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