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Thread: My new NX 2000, 11,770 original miles

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    My new NX 2000, 11,770 original miles

    Hello All, I know the forum does not get used much. But I'm one of those that avoids facebook.

    I recently bought a 1993 NX 2000 with 11,770 original miles. I'm the 3rd owner. The 2nd owner (from 2009 to 2017) never drove the car.

    So far, other than the really old gas, the only problem seems to be the fresh air / recirculate control. Will not move to recirc position.

    I just pulled out the glove box assembly. I can see where the cable goes (kind of) but not well enuf to figure out what the problem is.

    How tough is it to pull out the fan unit?

    The car does have A/C.

    This coming Wed the car goes in for state inspection. Then I can start driving it!

    Did I mention it still has the original Bridgestone Potenza's from 1993?

    I hope there are a few users on here still that might be able to shed some light on this.

    Thanks, Don

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    Well my Pulsar is an 89, but the temp slider quit on mine where it connects to the control arm. The outer 'grip' on the wire sleeve eventually slips so all you end up doing is sliding both the sleeve & control wire. Remove the A/C control assy panel and get a new grip(re-crimp) on the sleeve. I also let a few drops of veg oil drip down the control wire to better let it slide back and forth. Control lever should slide the wire inside the sleeve pretty easy after that. Good luck.

    Congrats on the low mile find!! First thing tho...CHANGE the TIMING BELT!!!!
    If it goes, so does the motor! Not kidding!!
    Don't care what anyone tells you about recent it's been done. JUST DO IT!! Then you'll know for sure. After that, get new tyres!! 10+ year old tyres, even in excellent shape, can fail castatrophicly at speed and cause you to wreck. Rubber's worst enemy is time! Speaking of rubber, change-out all the hoses and belts too. Buy a few meters of vacuum hose and one-by-one replace them as well. They all may look good right now, but once you start heating them up again by driving, their age will cause them to deteriorate quickly!!
    Change all,ALL the fluids!! Oil, power steering, clutch, gearbox & Yes, even the brake fluid!
    After sitting so many years that stuff is like syrup!! No matter HOW it may look, years of just sitting causes it to sludge!! Another JUST DO IT!!
    I know it may seem like a LOT to do to an old car in excellent shape, if you don't tho, you're gonna be making a lot of forum posts in the future asking what went wrong!! Trust me.
    'Be good to your car, and she'll be good right back. Let her down....'

    Post a pic of the car when you can! Hardly any low mile beauties left in the world!!
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    I've found that. All the rubber is starting to fail at once.

    I had four burst radiator hoses in a year. One of them you need to lift the engine to replace. Replace one, the next weakest one goes.

    Still cheaper over the long run than a new car. These babies were built to last!

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    Welcome to the EXA family


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