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Thread: problem with lighting switch 2516087M00

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    problem with lighting switch 2516087M00

    I've a 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX, which is called the Exa in AUS.

    I put a SR20 into it (actually, paid a lot to make it happen :-).

    I have problems with the lighting switch. I can still buy a new ones, but it would be the 3th!

    Is there an alternative, or can you repair it somehow? When this problem appear, the large (?) light is always switched on, or the normal light does not work.

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    The headlight switch is a common problem with the EXA/PulsarNX. Plan a few hours on a workbench and dis-assemble the switch on a big white towel. (This is so you don't loose any little parts like tiny springs that like to go flying)
    Take your time and clean the copper contacts with alcohol and a cotton swab until they shine a bit. Note the contact points after re-assembly that they touch properly at each setting. Should be good to go.
    Be patient, do it right & the switch shouldn't give you any more probs. Did it to my '89 and it's been good so far for 3+ years.


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