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Thread: Ruinning On 3 Cylinders Somtime

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    Ruinning On 3 Cylinders Somtime

    Hi Guys,
    My 1987 EXA over the last 2 months has developed a problem whereby it will run on 3 cylinders. To make things even worse it only happens now. Apart from one time, whenever I take it to my mechanic the problem doesn't occur. On the one time it did happen the mechanic notice that there was no fuel being injected into cylinder No. 1 after cleaning the wires (i resume he means the connectors between leads and the injector) it was ok for about 100Km.

    The problem can come and go any time I'm driving eg I pull up at a red light and after a few seconds I feel a slight vibration going through the car and when the light turns green and I accelerate to take off the is a noticeable reduction power and there's 1960's VW beetle putt putt noise coming out of the exhaust. On some occasions there is brief smell of petrol coming from the engine bay.

    Even if the part was available it would be very costly to replace 4 injectors and the rail.

    As I don't really want to replace the car I would appreciate any suggestions to help solve the problem or advise of mechanic near Chadstone Shopping Centre who has expertise with with EXA's.

    Please Note I am NOT mechanically minded and therefore I would have to run any suggestions past my mechanic.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry guys typo
    the 'To make things even worse it only happens now' should read ' To make things even worse it only happens now and then'

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    Guru Rik is someone we respect Rik's Avatar
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    Well first off, welcome to the club!! You'll soon notice very few members visit this site anymore as there is a NissanEXA Facebook page where everyone goes. A few of us still check in tho....
    As to your problem, you're gonna have to be a bit more specific. I see by your user name you have an 87EXA? So the motor I'm guessing is a TwinCam 1.6L?
    Could be as simple as a vacuum line split, could be more.
    If your planning on keeping this car any length of time, it's a good idea to learn all about how they work and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Let's face it, they're old. There are few parts still available, and even less mechanics that know how to fix them.
    This site has more than a decade of how-to stuff that's been posted over the years, but the search feature is not working. Easy enough to google using NissanEXA as part of the search tho.
    They're cool cars, and hardly any left on the road. They're worth fixing. Just take the time to learn and you'll be fixing it yourself in no time!! Or at least know what the prob is so you don't get ripped off!!
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    Hey mate exa1987, if you have a 1.6, then we have the same engine, you mentioned that you smell petrol? is this a diesel engine or a gas? I agree with Rik, you will have to provide more Intel on the engine, maybe take a few pics or even a video to hear the engine doing the "now and then sound", it always helps. cheers

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    im putting my money on that a coilpack is on the way out
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    EXALATED Smurf4107 is very helpful round here Smurf4107's Avatar
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    Coil pack or ignitor module.

    If you can get it to do it while not driving it. While its running on 3 cylinders unplug 1 coil pack at a time. it will get worse when that coilpack is ok. one of the coils when unplugged shouldn't make a difference to it missing. Thats the one thats failing.

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    To Rik and th3infekt3d the engine is the stock standard 1.6l petrol/gas engine no mods, Didn't know they made a diesel version of the engine.

    To Smurf4107 & Buzz when the problem start I thought it might be the ignition module as I had similar problem in December 2015 and had the ignition module replaced and things were going well until Feb this year when the problem re-appeared. I mentioned it to my mechanic and he dismissed that it could another faulty ignition module. I will mention your ideas to my mechanic again.

    Over the past six years I've had two of the ignition coils replaced, if I remember correctly due the car running on three cylinders.

    BTW if the ignition to one of the cylinders stop firing would the injector to the cylinder still inject petrol/gas into the cylinder thereby flooding the piston chamber. if so, if the injector started working again, would the injector not work due to the chamber being flooded

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    EXALATED Smurf4107 is very helpful round here Smurf4107's Avatar
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    Yes the injector would still be firing. But it would be pushed out the cylinder when the engine turns over. it also evaporates over time to.

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    My engine doesn't have ignition coil, has cables and distributor, I don't know if you can test it the same way that I test mine, but the way I do it is, taking the spark plug out and plug it back to the cable, in your case ignition coil, the put it close to the metal of the engine and try to turn on the car, if there is a spark then it is good, if there is nothing, take a new spark plug and try if you still not having spark then in my case I will change the cable, you will need to replace the coil.

    this is my engine=========>!AipZdvntFzmVg3xtOdK2TK01u0p-

    if there is not spark in that cylinder, it will not flood, that cylinder will complete the cycle but without spark,the spark and injectors doesn't communicate. At the time of the exhaust stroke it will not throw out smoke, it will only throw the compress air that could not explode with the gas
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    I've replaced the ignition module and so far whilst the engine still runs a bit rough at times it HAS NOT got to that stage where it runs on 3 cylinders. Had the car tuned today, hopefully that will help get rid of the engine running rough.

    Question, the EXAs are fitted with platinum spark plugs that are replaced every 100,000Km/60,000 miles. Do you have to use platinum tip sparks plugs or can you use the ordinary sparks plugs that would need to replaced more frequently.

    to th3infekt3d your engine looks nothing like the (standard) engine in my exa
    mine looks like the one in this link

    Thanks for all you advice

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    yeah, your engine is the Fuel injector, yeah mine is carb, not like that one
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