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Thread: Nissan EXA Replacement Driver Door Window Regulator

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    Nissan EXA Replacement Driver Door Window Regulator

    The cable in my Exa driver door Window regulator has got jammed around the spool and I cannot loosen it up, so I just need to get this sorted out.

    So first of all, does anyone know where I can source a replacement window regulator or if not can anyone let me know what other Nissan's use the same part, the NX perhaps ?

    And lastly I am happy for any other suggestions as this is the first real trouble I have had with getting parts since I bought it new in '89.

    Thanks in advance

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    You may need to contact an auto parts supplier. Unfortuanlty these forums area bit dead.

    Other option would be to jump on the exa facebook page. Its quite active and plenty of people willing to help.

    Hope thats a bit of help for you.


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